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R and R

Rest and recuperation. It is important for any team. It gives you a day to recharge and re-energize. For me, it is also a day of reflection. Today we spent the day at a resort in Monte Limar. Interestingly enough, this resort is built on property which was once owned by a German family and seized by the Samosas when Nicaragua declared war in Germany during WW II. The samosa family built a lavish estate on the property. The estate was a pocket of wealth which only the friends of the samosas were able to enjoy. In many ways little has changed. Our day passes to the resort cost more than the average Nicaraguan family makes in a month. Most Nicaraguans will never enjoy the experience we had today. I reflected on this often today. The people we see in clinic have so little. In some ways, coming to clinic is similar to reaping the benefits of an exclusive resort. They receive medications, food and shoes which they otherwise not have access to. The dictionary defines a resort as an establishment which attempts to provide most of a vacationer's wants in one location. In some small way, our clinic is a resort for the average Nicaraguan. We have so much and it seems like we are giving them so little compared to what we have. But to the people who come to clinic, the things they receive are a great gift. Their thank you's are worth more than gold to my ears and more payment than I could ever ask for.

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