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Our adventure begins!

It’s been barely 24 hours since we arrived in Managua and our adventure has just begun. What an adventure it’s turning out to be! Managua airport was pretty crazy. Can you imagine trying to get 17 team members, all their personal luggage and several hundred pounds of medicines and medical supplies through customs? Tresha Mandel was truly the star of the day. She us through with barely a glitch. Then there was the question of the little stuffed bunny that the border guards wanted to keep! Thinking quickly on her feet, she assured the guard that the bunny was for a baby and who would take a bunny from a baby? Not even a border guard it seems. Then on to our hotel for a beautiful Friday night service under the stars with the Rabbi, after which we all melted into our beds totally worn out.

This morning we were invited to the delightful mountainous home of Ilena and Gerald Smith for a wonderful breakfast and Shabbat service. The view was breathtaking and the home delightful but the highlight of the morning was sharing the service with so many wonderful people. We sang many of our favorite songs and recited the prayers, some in English, some in Hebrew and some in Spanish. To worship together with people of different faiths and cultures and to listen to all of their interesting stories was breathtaking in its own way. We all shared a common bond despite our differences. Thanks Ilena and Gerald for being such wonderful hosts.

Then it was on to the school bus for the four hour trip to the orphanage in Jenotega. As we drove up into the mountains the views were spectacular. Against this glorious back drop we saw much poverty and I was also reminded of what lay ahead. I’m honored to be a part of this fabulous team and can’t wait to get the clinics underway!

Posted 9th February 2013 by Tikkun Olam Nicaragua

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